DEVOTED to working with firefighter associations throughout California.

As California faces drought conditions, firefighters will be asked to do more over extended periods of time in increasingly dangerous conditions. Firefighters will need someone who has their backs in ensuring they have the staffing, training and equipment needed to do their jobs.

Freeman Public Affairs is on the frontlines battling for firefighters to:

  • Position public safety as a top priority for voters in all elections.
  • Identify and elect candidates receptive to your issues and aware of your contribution to community safety.

  • Make your case for community firefighting when takeovers are threatened.
  • Tell your side of the story of breaking news and help you promote positive community relations.
  • Meet with currently elected officials to create rapport and open lines of communication for ongoing support of firefighting issues.
  • Build grassroots support for needed city public safety funding through such measures as Utility User Taxes (UUTs).
  • Coordinate with your association’s political treasurer to ensure timely reporting and avoid stiff FPPC penalties.
  • Provide background investigations and determine viability of potential candidates.
  • Develop official association questionnaires for candidates seeking your endorsement.
  • Formulate strategies with legal team and association president to communicate a positive message to local voters and increase community support.
  • Work with your legal team and board members in negotiations for improved wage and compensation packages.
  • Manage political data and interpret demographics that affect your issues.
  • Provide scriptwriting for phone broadcasts and GOTV efforts.