As California, Arizona, Hawaii and Washington State move toward recovery, the losses suffered by public employees will be hard to recover. Organizations representing Police Officers, Firefighters and Teachers will be pushing for full staffing, recovery of compensation losses and pension protection. With so much always at stake, public service PACs are increasingly turning to Freeman Public Affairs to grow community awareness and build public support.

Freeman Public Affairs will represent your committee year-round, through good times and bad, making the long-term investment in protecting your interests, your jobs and your rights to collective bargaining.

  • Educate voters about the vital services you provide and your impact on their quality of life.
  • Point out that public workers have shared in the sacrifices made in tough economic times and that an improving economy should translate into restoration of losses.
  • Examine, amend and recommend ballot initiatives that benefit your organization.
  • Create ballot measures to generate alternative revenue streams to maintain and increase staffing and compensation.
  • Identify and elect supportive local and state candidates.
  • Build bridges to receptive community leaders and organizations and elicit their support.
  • Resolve labor disputes by reminding elected officials of their obligation to their constituency, especially those who serve in critical roles like police, firefighters and teachers.
  • Provide crisis management by being responsive and sensitive to public concerns, while making sure you get to tell your story.
  • Enhance your organization’s image through community outreach, newsletters, profiles in courage and human-interest stories.
  • Add a politically savvy voice to your candidate-endorsement interviews.
  • Provide background checks for candidates seeking your endorsement.
  • Ensure responsible, cost-effective, results-oriented PAC money spending.